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Modern braided rugs use a range of rug braiding styles
Braided rugs and the craft of rug braiding first became popular in the 1830's. Today, machine made braided rugs are readily available, and the craft of rug braiding is as popular as ever.

Oriental rugs come from many regions of the world
It is widely believed that oriental rugs were first made back in the fourth century B.C. These rugs were hand woven by knotting soft woolen yarn onto a woven base, and this same process is still used today.

Modern bath rugs and bathroom rugs are similar, but different
What is the difference between bath rugs and bathroom rugs ? Well as far as I am concerned bath rugs are those rugs that you stand on after a bath, whereas bathroom rugs are a purely decorative rug.

Genuine persian rugs come exclusively from Iran
Genuine persian rugs, such as kilim rugs, are only woven in Iran. However, oriental rugs made in the persian style are produced in many neighboring countries including Turkey, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

Discount rugs can brighten up any room
Discount rugs are ideal when you need to brighten up a room but are not planning a major renovation. Using cheap rugs in this situation buys you time until a full redecoration can be scheduled.

Rag rugs are made from no more than scraps of old fabric
Rag rugs are braided rugs which have been made from scraps of old fabric. This fabric is torn into thin strips and these strips are then braided together to form a braid. Finally, this braid is sewn together to form the required shape

Genuine navajo rugs are woven only by the navaho people
Genuine navajo rugs are made of wool, woven by the navajo people using traditional upright tapestry looms, and feature a single warp thread thoughout each rug.

Contemporary rugs are a perfect choice for a modern room
The current trend in interior design is very much about creating a modern clean feel for a room. Contemporary rugs compliment this look perfectly.

Making your own hooked rugs is now a popular hobby
Hooked rugs are made using a hand hook, which is similar to a crochet hook. This hook is used to create a looped pile from yarn or fabric strips on an evenly woven base fabric.

Shaw rugs are made by a leading producer of tufted wool rugs
Shaw rugs are made by Shaw Living who are part of Shaw Industries, the largest manufacturer of soft floor coverings in the world, and a leading producer of tufted wool rugs.

What's different between kitchen rugs and kitchen floor mats
You may think that kitchen rugs and kitchen floor mats are similar, but they do have some quite distinct differences.

Hearth rugs can protect a room from fire damage
Hearth rugs or fireplace rugs can help to protect a room from fire damage, whilst adding colour and style to any room.

Childrens rugs from synthetic materials are easiest to clean
The best material to choose for an east to clean, stain resistant childrens rug is to select one made from a synthetic fiber such as nylon or polypropylene.

Karastan rugs produce top quality oriental rug reproductions
Karastan rugs are famous for producing top quality oriental rug reproductions using the famous karastan axminster loom and the lustre wash process

Buying cheap rugs online can save up to 80% off store prices
Most online rug dealers offer a large range of top quality but cheap rugs. This is due to the high level of competition on the internet forcing these dealers to offer savings of up to 80% to get the sale.

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