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Flokati rugs are perfect for a contemporary room
Flokati rugs have been made for generations, but fit perfectly into the most contemporary room, in keeping with shag rugs generally. This style of modern rug adds a fantastic warmth and beauty to any room.

Penny rugs were first made in New England in the 19th century
Penny rugs are a name given to a form of rug making that first began in New England in the 19th century. They were not made for use on the floor but rather as decorative table rugs.

Capel Rugs was formed in 1917 by Leon Capel (senior)
Capel Rugs was first formed back in 1917 by Leon Capel (senior) after the invention of the motorized tractor by Henry Ford forced him to quit the plowlines business.

Throw rugs work great as kitchen rugs
Throw rugs are an excellent choice when used as kitchen rugs, as they can be placed in areas away from the main food preparation area, but still give color and life to the room.

Prayer rugs are used by Muslims worldwide during prayers
Prayer rugs are the small area rugs used by Muslims worldwide during prayers. They are normally laid out on the floor to create the clean area required by Islam for worship.

What to look for when choosing a bath mat
When choosing a bath mat the main criteria is that it should be easy to wash, cotton rugs are a popular choice whilst square and oval rugs are generally the most popular shapes.

Find rug hooking supplies online for all your rug making needs
The rug hooking supplies used in rug making are easy to find online at one of the many sites that specialize in this exciting hobby.

Tibetan rugs are high quality wool rugs from Nepal
Tibetan rugs are a fairly recent addition to the rug market. These high quality, handmade wool rugs have been made for centuries and used as blankets, horse saddles, bed covers and floor rugs for meditation.

Sheepskin rugs are the original wool rug
Sheepskin rugs are one of the original styles of wool rugs, and have been used by people all over the world for centuries. One of the largest exporters of sheepskin rugs is New Zealand and the top quality wool rugs they produce are famous worldwide.

Many modern rugs / contemporary rugs use natural materials
Many modern rugs are made from natural materials as the natural fibers give a soft and neutral finish ideal for today's modern styles. Sisal rugs and flokati rugs are two of the more popular choices.

Round rugs, oval rugs and square rugs are popular shapes
Round rugs, along with oval rugs and square rugs are the main three shapes of rug available today, although there are some rather fun exceptions.

Latch hook rugs are made by knotting yarn to a canvas
Latch hook rugs are made using a special rug weaving process that involves knotting short pieces of yarn onto a canvas. This is achieved using a purpose built hook that has a small latch attached to it.

Oriental Weavers of America were formed in 1994
Oriental Weavers of America were formed back in 1994 as part of a large multinational group of companies and were the first to produce numerous styles of area rugs.

Jute rugs have a soft and luxurious texture
Jute rugs have a very soft and luxurious texture when compared to other natural area rugs, but they are not particularly hard wearing. This makes jute rugs an ideal choice for a bedroom floor.

Aubusson rugs were made in France
Aubusson rugs were fist made in the town of Aubusson, close to the Massif Central region of France, as far back as the seventeenth century.

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